A Curriculum to help your Child grow!

Welcome!  At Child’s World Academy, we believe that children learn through the exploration of the world around them.  They gain knowledge, learn about socialization, and develop all areas of their growing bodies including their minds, muscles, and manners.

” I found the staff and facility at Child’s World Academy to be excellent. My child went through their pre-school, pre-k program and we were well informed about the progress she was making and when she finally went to kindergarten, she was well ahead of her classmates. Besides the academic part, the staff and administrators are friendly, warm and caring. My daughter absolutely loved going there every day and would tell me about all the things they did every day. Since they changed to Child’s World Academy, they have started to make some improvements to the facility, with more promised to come. They are not perfect, but approachable whenever there was an issue that concerned me.”
-Johanna Jacobs

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Our early childhood curriculum was developed using the Connecticut Preschool Framework as our foundation.  This program has been proven to include all the skills a child should have before entering Kindergarten.

Your children will partake in language activities which will include stories, songs, fingerplays, and the introduction of Spanish and Sign Language.

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With our childcare programs, your child will discover the world through math and science exploration including counting, number recognition, nature centers, and cooking activities.  Learning about their community and being good citizens are part of our character-building program.  Music and art activities are done several times a day with both teacher and child-directed activities.  Our students also have the opportunity for physical exercise twice a day, as well as extra-curricular activities that include soccer and gymnastics.

In the Pre-Kindergarten classroom, your child will also be screened for Kindergarten readiness through the Brigance Screening. This is completed in the Fall and Spring to measure your child’s progress.  Our children typically score 90% or higher as being prepared to enter Kindergarten. It is our goal at Child’s World Academy, through our teachers, engaging rooms, and programs, to have every child explore and discover their world in a way that is fun and exciting for them and rewarding for the parents.  We are confident that you will be thrilled with your child’s progress after being placed in the loving, nurturing care of our well-educated early childhood teachers. On our benefits page, you will find some of the components of our pre-kindergarten curriculum. Listed here, are a few more.

Kitchen Creations  This is a new addition to our curriculum for children in the toddler to Pre-Kindergarten classrooms.  Your child will get to explore what can come from the kitchen.  This could include a cooking activity or another creation such as playdough or bubbles.  The children will learn about counting, measuring, and following directions.  This will also allow them to examine what putting a few items together can create.  The end result will be a delicious treat or fun new addition to the classroom.

“Both of my daughters have been going to Child’s World Academy (formerly Tutor Time Trumbull) since they were a few months’ old. I’m very happy with the quality of service they provide. The facility is clean and bright, the security procedure is quite robust with security cameras and fingerprint check-in/out system, they open most of the days in a year except a few federal holidays. The best of all, is their staff members. They have very caring and affectionate teachers from infant care, to toddler A and B, pre-school and all the way to kindergarten classes. My kids love most of their teachers and still hug them affectionately long after they moved out of their classes. I highly recommend this facility for your children!

Shelly Shen, Fairfield, CT”

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Yoga  Every morning during your child’s circle time, we will get all the body parts and juices flowing in their body.  The children will take part in a Movement of the Week to help incorporate additional physical activity in the day.

At Child’s World Academy, Character Building is extremely important.  Just one way to help instill a sense of responsibility in our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms, we have helper charts.  Each day children are assigned to be a different helper.  Some of these jobs include paper passer, line leader, floor monitor, and lunch helper.

Our Benefits page also lists some other components of our curriculum.