News from Administration

March was a very busy month. We started off the month by celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  The children read many of his stories, made fun art projects and some even ate green eggs and ham!  We explored the colors of the rainbow and looked for pots of gold and made shamrocks.  We rang in Spring with a Spring Fling Luncheon and by planting seeds.  We finished up the month with a study of Farm Animals.  On March 11th we celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day with special apple projects and apples for snack.  April is looking to be full of fun and learning as well.  We will be learning all about the world around us as we explore transportation, construction, helpers in our community, protecting the earth and plants.  We will also be celebrating the Week of the Young Child from April 13th – 17th.

Family of the Month – The Gurdineer Family

Our family of the month is the Gurdineer Family! Lena has been a part of the CWA family since she was four months old! She is now in our Preschool class and she is three years old! Her little sister Paige is now with us as well in our Infant room. Paige is nine months old and she started with us this past September. Paige is always smiling and she has a lot of fun with the other babies all day long. Lena has gotten so big and has learned so much over the years. The staff always enjoy seeing Mike and Allison when they come to pick up the girls! They are such a happy family.

Featured Employee – Ilana Fischer

Our employee of the month is Ilana Fischer. Her one year anniversary fell on March 5th of this year. Ilana brings a lot of joy to the lives of the children here at Child’s World Academy. She works in all of our classrooms and she maintains loving relationships with many of our children. Ilana is currently attending Westchester Community College where she is pursuing her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Thank you for all that you do Ilana!

Kids Say the Cutest Things

“Kids can’t drink coffee because they will turn into old people.” -Elijah 4B

Curriculum News

Young Learners

We’re geared up to have a fun month of April.  Our theme for the month is, “Our Environment”.  Our weekly themes are, “Construction,” “Transportation,” “Community Helpers,” “Earth Day, Recycling,” and “Plants.”  For Fun With Fitness we will be having obstacle courses with construction materials, practice different ways to get from here to there, act out the movements of different community helpers, go on a nature hike and work on our shoveling skills. Our Poems of the Week are, “I Want to Be a Carpenter,” “Giant Jumbo Jet,” “Our Community Helpers,” “Our Earth,” and “My Garden.”  For Spanish we will be learning many word that go along with our themes including; hammer (martillo), saw (sierra), train (tren) truck (camion), nurse (enferma), doctor (medico), tree (arbol), flower (flor) and water (agua).  We will learn the same words in Sign Language. For Art and Sensory this  month we will explore sand paper, make structures out of recyclable materials, make airplanes out of craft sticks, explore our fingerprints as we pretend to be police officers and paint with flowers.  In Circle Time, along with many songs and finger plays, Yoga, Spanish and Sign Language we will also tell the story of the Three Little Pigs to go along with our construction theme, have a getting from here to there puppet show, make lists of different ways to travel, discuss ways we can be less wasteful and much more.

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

We are excited for the theme, “Our Environment” this month.  We will be exploring the weekly themes of, “Construction,” “Transportation,” “Community Helpers,” “Earth Day, Recycling,” and “Plants.”  We’re looking forward to our Eric Carle Author Study.  We will read some great books including; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Grouchy Ladybug, Little Cloud, Do You Want to Be My Friend?, and The Mixed-Up Chameleon.  We will be using, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to help with beginning reading skills by recognizing repetitive text and rhythm.  We will also make necklaces with all of the animals in the story to help the children retell the story with visual aids.  We will use The Very Grouchy Ladybug to enhance our math skills as we explore the concepts of size and patterns within the book.  After reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar we will have the opportunity to observe the lifecycle of a caterpillar as we watch it go from an egg all the way to a butterfly.  We will then release our butterflies on the playground as a tie in with our Earth Day theme.  For Fun With Fitness we will be creating challenging obstacle courses using items from our construction center, we will play games where we make up different ways to get from here to there, we will explore nature on the playground as well as go on a nature hike and finally we will act out doing yard work.  For Character Development we will be focusing on the “The Power to Choose.”  We will learn how to make good choices, learn what it means to be responsible for our own actions and practice treating people with fairness and respect.  We love learning a new poem each week and for April the Poems of the Week are, “I Want to be a Carpenter,” “Giant Jumbo Jet,” “Our Community Helpers,” “Our Earth” and “My Garden.”  We will be learning many words in Spanish and Sign Language this month.  Some of the words we will learn are house (casa), building (edificio), airplane (avion), boat (barco), firefighter (bomber), recycle (reciclar), ocean (oceano), plant (planta) and leaf (hoja).  For our Cooking Creations this month we will making some of the following; Geometric Snacks to go along with our construction theme using marshmallows and pretzel sticks, traffic lights using crackers, cream cheese and red, yellow and green apples, lemon pie as we pretend to be chefs for our community helper theme and much more.  Cooking with children helps develop math skills and following directions.  We love Science and we will be putting our reasoning skills to the test as we use a balance scale to measure nuts and bolts, do a sink vs. float experiment, use magnets to make cars move along a paper road, make our own stethoscopes out of paper cups, and sort seeds based on type.

Summer Camp – A Voyage Through Time With CWA

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already making preparations for Summer Camp!  This summer our theme will be, “A Voyage Through Time With CWA”! We are all SO excited about this summer! Camp information is going out soon! Please spread the word about our exciting program for children 5-12 years of age.  With early registration (by April 24th) you will receive free registration and one free t-shirt with one week paid deposit.  You will also be entered in to our raffle for a 32” LED Flat Screen Television! 

Fall Registration 2015

Re-registration for the 2015-16 school year will be going out in early May.  We are looking forward to a fun-filled year and the transition or promotion of children to the next classroom.

Staff Celebrations

Happy Birthday to:

Miss Pat (Owner ) – April 5th

Miss Lina – April 11th

Miss Lavina – April 19th

Have a great month and think spring!

Director: Daria Ciaffone

Administrative Assistant: Lina Simon