Hearing a parent’s point of view regarding a childcare center can be revealing!

We appreciate hearing and seeing from our parents, since we always want to provide the best care for every child! Enjoy some of the nice comments we get here at Child’s World Academy Peekskill!

“Dear Child’s World Academy:
I recently witnessed a heart warming example of affectionate and sensitive child care at Child’s World Academy and I thought the staff member and the center should get the well deserved feedback about the incident.

It was early September “Moving Up” time and one young child was quite distressed about being in his new and unfamiliar classroom. The little boy was sobbing; his parents were still in the center, near the front desk, themselves distressed by their little one’s difficulty. Even for an observer like myself, the scene was upsetting.

However, the staff member was handling things wonderfully. She was cuddling the little boy, patting and consoling him. Nothing she said or did belittled or ignored him, or otherwise made light of a situation that was obviously very tough on the little guy. As I left, I felt a great sense of peace of mind about leaving my own son with Child’s World Academy. Please convey to all the staff, that these moments are noticed and appreciated by the parents. Thanks so much for taking care of our children, even when we’re not there to see it, in such a thoughtful and caring way.”

Judy Buckley
Cortlandt Manor, NY

“As most people know, the measure of child’s emotional growth and well-being are truly the yardsticks of an enriching environment at day care. The addition of Debbie at Child’s World Academy has made our experience a genuine pleasure. She is consistently open, friendly and professional. As the Director, she has taken time to get to know our child, which doesn’t always happen at other centers. Debbie is a great asset to your school.”

Sue Diorio
Cortlandt Manor, NY

“To the Child’s World Academy Staff;
You all have been great! Not only that, our daughter seems to like you all, and she’s usually a pretty good judge of character. Have a great summer! See you in September.”

The Gallardos
Cortlandt Manor, NY

To Child’s World Academy Peekskill Staff & Friends;

“We’d like to thank you for all you support and care during these two years of attendance. You have been our extended family away from home and we appreciate the warmth, understanding and availability.
Now even though we are moving on to other things, we would like to say goodbye with a smile and a promise of future visits.
A special thanks to the teachers my daughter had.”

Emma & Family
Cortlandt Manor, NY

To the Staff of the Peekskill Child’s World Academy:
“Thank you for taking such good care of our daughter! All of your hard work, love and care is appreciated every day, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our daughter loves coming to school and seeing all of you!”

The West Family
Cortlandt Manor, NY

“Thank you for the attention and help you gave our son. It helped make his adjustment to his new life easier.”

Sterlini Family
Cortlandt Manor, NY

“You guys are wonderful with the children! You greet the parents every morning with a smile. We appreciate all that you do. Keep up the good work!”

Peekskill, NY