The countdown has began! August is in full swing and very shortly, it will be time to trade in bathing suits for backpacks and Popsicle’s for packed lunches. It seems like this summer has ended quicker than it began. Whether you are a seasoned professional at sending your children back to school, or you are bracing yourself for the overwhelming emotions that come along with your child’s very first day of school, there is a lot to prepare for. Either way, let us help you get a head start to ensure that the transition to back-to-school is a breeze.

Routine Change

When summer started, your kids likely fell into the summer routine very easily. Each day had the potential to be a fun filled day and they would wake up eager to seize the adventure. Changing back into the school routine is not going to be as easy. We suggest you ease into the routine to avoid the morning mayhem. Prior to the first week of school, set alarms and establish a timeline that everyone in your household can follow. It wouldn’t hurt to practice one or two mornings in advance!

Gear Up!

School supply shopping is more than likely on everyone’s to-do list this time of year. Fight the crowds and get your shopping done early. By now, retail stores have likely had school supplies out for a couple of weeks, and had subtle sales that we all somehow missed. Take advantage of the fresh stock of supplies, sales, and calm before the storm. Bring the kids along too! For some reason, shopping for school supplies excites kids and gives them a boost of confidence to kickstart the school year!

Study Space

Designating a space in your home for your children to tackle their homework promotes focus and concentration. A distraction free zone is ideal. Do your best to limit tablet, laptop and cell phone use for homework only purposes. Keep the study space clutter free by purchasing a small bin to store calculators, pencils, extra paper, or anything else necessary to keep nearby. Time is precious, especially during the school year and by keeping folders to separate past assignments from reference materials will also help encourage success.


What a perfect time of year purge! Sit down together and go through clothes that have been outgrown and the supplies from last year that is not needed for this school year. Clothes can be easily donated to second hand stores or charities. School teachers need to stock their classrooms too! Consider donating any gently used or extra school supplies you don’t need. Teachers and faculty alike will appreciate anything that will grow their classroom supplies. 

The new school year impacts everyone in your household! Make it easier on yourself and family and avoid the stress of changing by making minor adjustments. Your kids success is important to us! And beginning the school year with a clear mind will set everyone in your family up for success as well.