Sun protection is a must for your child.

No matter how old your child is, sun protection is of the utmost importance. With a few bad sunburns, your child’s risk of getting skin care in the future increases, and that’s why, in our last post, our day care in Fairfield went over several tips for protecting your child from the sun. Keep reading for more helpful sun protection tips:

#4. Cover up your child’s skin.

Rather than dressing your child in shorts and short sleeved shirts, provide them with long pants, shirts and dresses when the temperature permits it. Keep in mind that dark clothes offer more UV protection than light colors, and you’ll get the most protection from clothes that are made of fabric that is tightly woven.

#5. Encourage your child to wear a hat.

Encouraging your child to wear a hat is a great way to protect their face, ears, scalp and neck from the sun. ¬†While baseball caps can provide protection for your child’s face and scalp, they leave the ears and neck exposed, so if your child prefers a cap, make sure that you put sunscreen on their neck and ears.

#6. Encourage your child to wear sunglasses.

The eyes, as well as the skin that surrounds the eyes, are very sensitive to the sun. Luckily, sunglasses can provide effective protection against the sun. The bigger the shades, the more protection they provide, so think big when buying your child sunglasses.

Protecting your child from the sun is a must all summer long, but how do you know which sunscreen to buy? Stay tuned for our child care expert’s next blog to learn what to look for in your sunscreen.