child swimming with momThe advent of warm weather means family vacations, trips to the beach and to the local pool, and more time boating and in the backyard with the kiddie pool. This time of year, it’s important for parents of young children to be aware of water safety tips that will keep kids safe while in or near the water.

Child’s World Academy is Monroe’s leading child care center and we are passionate about creating fun summer time memories for children. We encourage you and your family to get out in the summer sun and swim as often as possible.

Our five tips can help to reduce accidents while enjoying the water.

  • Keep your eyes open for small bodies of water such as tide pools, wading pools, and even water buckets or “moats” around sand castles. Just as a very young child should not be left unsupervised in a bathtub, the same goes for shallow areas like these.
  • Children swimming in a pool, lake, ocean, or even a kiddie pool should always be supervised by an adult, and the adult supervising should be within arm’s reach of that child at all times.
  • Explain safety rules to your child before going to the pool or the beach. Children should never run near the pool, and if playing on the beach or by the pool, children should always stay where their parents can see them, and must tell an adult before entering the water.
  • Remember to use appropriate floatation devices while in the water and on board boats. If your child is swimming, the Stearns Puddle Jumper is a Coastguard approved device that is designed to keep her head above water. For boating, try these options for toddlers and infants.
  • Try to eliminate as many distractions as possible when your kids are playing near water. Checking your phone and working on your laptop can become very immersive activities that may take your attention away from your kids for longer than you might intend, and accidents can happen quickly.

Taking just a few simple precaution can keep your children safe, and will teach them to be responsible when in the water as they grow older and become more independent.