forth of july July 4th weekend is often packed with fun, family-friendly activities, like cookouts, picnics, beach and pool time, and, for a bold few, even backyard fireworks. Keeping your kids safe this summer is a top priority, and an incident-free holiday will allow you to make great memories for years to come.

Grilling Safety Tips

  • To prevent a fire, keep your grill away from low-hanging branches, bushes, or overgrown areas of your yard.
  • Make sure children and pets are kept away from the grill area.
  • Clean the buildup on your grill with a grill brush to avoid a grease fire.
  • Do not leave the grill unattended, especially when children are nearby.

Firework Safety Tips

  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks.
  • Always keep a bucket of water on hand to douse flames from a fire.
  • After using fireworks, soak them in water and then dispose them in an outdoor trash can.
  • Never hold a child in your arms while holding a sparkler and do not allow a very young child to hold a sparkler.
  • Older kids must be taught not to wave sparklers or run while holding them.

Swim Safety Tips

  • If you’re not a confident swimmer, consider taking lessons in order to feel more capable in the water with your child.
  • Keep close eyes on your children in the water, especially kids under 5. Watch non-swimmers if they’re playing by the side of the pool or are sitting in the shallow end of the water.
  • Teach kids about safety, including not running by the side of the pool, and not diving into areas that are not marked specifically for diving.
  • Have proper flotation devices for each of your non-swimmers when they’re at the pool or the beach, and make sure all kids wear flotation devices when on a boat.

Heat Safety Tips

  • Dress young children in loose, lightweight clothing, preferably in light colors.
  • Schedule outdoor activities for the morning hours and for early evening, when the sun is lower in the sky.
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and reapply after your kids go into the water.
  • Keep everyone hydrated. Offer your children drinks of water throughout the day.

How does your family ring in summer over the 4th of July? Any tips that you can share in order to keep all of our kids safe would be more than welcome in the comments section!child with sparkler