Entrusting your child’s care to someone else is one of the most difficult things that any parent will have to face. You go from being able to spend all of your time with them, making sure they are safe and sound as often as you wish, to wondering if you have trusted the right daycare center with their care. Luckily, the entire situation can be a lot easier, when you find the kind of child care that you can trust. Here at Child’s World Academy, we understand that trust isn’t given, it’s earned, and we work hard to earn your trust in everything that we do.

One of the main ways that we earn your trust is by keeping your child’s safety as our number one one priority at all times. Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment to keep your child safe no matter what. We have also hand picked each and every staff member that will work with your child to ensure that they are in the very best hands possible. Need even more assurances that your child is safe? We have equipped all rooms with monitoring cameras, so that at any point during the day, you can see that your child is safe and happy.

Parents never stop worrying about their child’s safety, but it can help to know that you have picked a daycare facility where their health and safety is really and truly a priority. If you have any questions or concerns about our facility or safety features, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Child’s safety and security are our top priority 

  • Coded and locked entrance. We provide easy access to our day care facilities for authorized individuals, but we restrict the access of unauthorized individuals
  • Entrance door intercom. We can speak with individuals prior to allowing entrance to our child care centers.
  • Monitoring Cameras in all rooms.  Administrators and parents can view all activities at any time
  • Silent “Bank style” Alarm. Administrators can notify the police without using the phone or dialing a number.
  • Emergency Public Alert Radios. Radios are on standby at all times and will announce any public alerts to our administrators.
  • Abundant interior windows. Parents and administrators, from our hallways can observe all classrooms.
  • Staff criminal background checks. All staff are fingerprinted and researched by the appropriate agencies for any criminal history.
  • Drug testing. Any staff member in contact with the children in our care is subject to drug testing for cause or suspicion.
  • Door finger guards. All doors in our day care centers have a plastic guard that prevents fingers from becoming caught.
  • Monthly fire drills. Every month our staff practices the safest, quickest way to exit the school with your children.
  • First aid, CPR, Epi-Pen training. Members of our staff with this training are always on premises.
  • All exit doors alarmed. Any fire exit door is alarmed and will loudly notify the staff should a child or someone else open the door.
  • All interior non-classroom doors locked at all times: Children cannot access maintenance closets, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Fenced, locked playground. Playgrounds are surrounded by six foot security fence with locked gates that can only be opened from the inside.
  • Government Issued Photo ID required: Identity must be established before a child is taken from the school. There are numerous other steps involved as well.
  • Locked Cabinets: All cabinets accessible to the children are magnetically locked and can only be opened by staff
  • Telephones in all classrooms: Staff can contact administrators or 911 in and emergency.
  • AstroTurf Playground Surface: With a higher degree of cushioning than is required, the children are less prone to injuries.
  • And many more

“Everyone at Child’s World Academy,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your consideration for Justin’s food allergies. We really appreciate that everyone goes above and beyond to protect him and keep him safe. Recently, we saw the additional measures the staff took to guarantee Justin’s safety, and it means so much to us to see how everyone cares for his well-being and the extra steps that are being taken to ensure his safety. Justin and Aubrey both love their teachers very much and enjoy their time at Child’s World Academy. Thank you for all you do, and we appreciate you!

Al, Dana, Justin and Aubrey Pacelli, East Haven, CT”