first day of school

Has your child spent the summer in camp, enjoying the outdoors and a slightly altered schedule? Maybe she has gone on a few trips and has been getting used to coming and going. Perhaps your household has been waking up a little later and getting to bed later than usual. Gear up for a new year of daycare or preschool by easing into new routines and schedules a few weeks in advance.

  1. Get your child prepared. Before the school year begins, find out from your daycare or preschool if they have a list of items your child will need to bring, and plan a special day shopping. Whether you and your child traipse the aisles of Target or peruse Amazon, buying new items with your child’s input will get her excited and involved.
  2. Make a visit to the classroom. Showing your child where the bathroom is, where he’ll be eating and napping, and where you’ll say goodbye and hello each day will help him to feel more at ease once the school year begins.
  3. Reach out to other kids. If you know the names of some of the kids that your child will be spending each day with, reach out to their parents to see if they are up for a playdate. Getting to know a few kids will ensure that your child encounters some friendly faces on the first day of school.
  4. Start getting excited! Talk about the names of your child’s new school friends and new teachers, talk about what he’ll learn back to schoolthis year in school, and think about exciting activities and adventures he may have!
  5. Start limiting screen time. Many families get a little bit lax about screen time in the summertime. If your child has been playing more than usual on her iPad or spending more time in front of the television, start cutting back on screentime before the year begins so that she’ll be used to more time away from screens.
  6. Plan quiet time. Summer can be full of excitement and new experiences, and many kids are a little revved up by the time August rolls around. Slow your child down and prepare her for a new pace by giving her opportunities for quiet time each day.
  7. Start new routines early. If your child will have a new wakeup time and bedtime, or a new morning routine, start those routines and schedules a week or two in advance so that they’ll be old hat by the time the school year starts.

Have you been helping your children adjust to the upcoming new school year? Share with your fellow parents in the comments section!