1. How to Handle Your Baby’s Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety isn’t easy on anyone. Parents feel awful leaving a crying child. Babies understand mom and dad still exist when they are out of sight but are too young to have a real grasp on the concepts of time and language, making it difficult to prepare them for time apart. Here are some ways to make the separation anxiety phase less painful for everyone involved.   Be Calm Babies and y…Read More

  2. Commonly Overlooked Baby Proofing Measures

    By nature, parents want to protect their children. As babies leave the newborn stage and begin to explore their world, the possibility of disaster grows. Baby proofing the parts of a home where babies spend the majority of their time can cut down on preventable accidents. While cabinet locks and baby gates are obvious additions, here are some commonly overlooked and potentially dangerous areas.  …Read More

  3. Can Playing a Musical Instrument be Beneficial to Your Child’s Development?

    The short answer is “yes”. Numerous studies have focused on the brain development, vocabulary, reasoning, general intelligence, and social and emotional development of young children who have played a musical instrument and the findings support musical training as a means to further cognitive, fine motor, and emotional growth. Brain Development Because the human brain can respond to the way in…Read More

  4. Jumpstarting Reading Ability in Your Young Child

    Reading is an activity that has no age. We begin reading to our babies when they’re in the womb, and we continue through infancy, into toddlerhood, and through school age, until they’re reading on their own. How do you speed up the process of learning to read, and get your child interested in books at a younger age? Letter of the Day. Each day, announce to your child which letter is this day…Read More

  5. Car Seat Safety: Myths and Facts

    Life with a baby who swiftly grows into a toddler is a blur, and it can be hard to keep up with all the appropriate safety guidelines for car seats. Here at Childs' World Academy day care, we know it can be hard, so we are here to help! If you are looking for quality day care in the Monroe, CT or Peekskill, NY, call us today. The gulf between what the general population does in terms of car seat s…Read More

  6. Eight Infant and Toddler Products You Don’t Need

    Whether you’re expecting your first baby, watching your infant grow into a toddler, or welcoming your second or third, you’re likely bombarded with marketing for a variety of products, many of which you may not even need. If you’re trying to cut down on clutter and are running low on storage space, take a peek at our ten items that you definitely don’t need as a parent of an infant or todd…Read More

  7. Cooking with Kids: How Young Children Can Participate in the Kitchen

    Cooking is an excellent way to get your kids involved in the everyday tasks that make your household function, teach them a bit about the food they eat at every meal, and pass on a valuable life skill. Children can even learn about math and science by measuring out ingredients the way they do frequently with their teachers at daycare and preschool. Get them hooked on cooking at home! From zero to…Read More