1. Halloween Activities for Your Entire Family Part 2

    There's nothing more important than spending time with your family, and there are many Halloween activities that your whole family will love. Many people think that Halloween is just for kids, but it is the perfect time of the year for the whole family to spend time with one another and have some Halloween fun. In our previous blog, our day care center in Newtown went over a couple of ideas for ac…Read More

  2. Tips to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

    With many kids heading back to school, it's the perfect time to think about boosting your child's immune system. Summer is almost over, which means that many children are starting school. Whether your child is starting kindergarten or they still attend our day care center in Newtown, your child is going to be exposed to lots of bacteria and germs from the kids around them. When your child is aroun…Read More

  3. Water Safety Tips for Summer Part 2

    With summer in full swing, it's important for every parent to understand how to keep their kids safe in the water. Many parents mistakenly believe that their babies are born with the natural ability to swim. Unfortunately, this simply isn't true, and many babies and young children die every year due to drowning. Whether your child is swimming in a pool, a lake or even just playing in a plastic kid…Read More

  4. Every Parent Needs to be Aware of the Signs of Dehydration

    Unfortunately, not every parent knows how to recognize dehydration, but they should. A national survey was taken a few years ago to determine how many parents are knowledgeable about dehydration. Unfortunately, the survey found that three out of five parents still need to know more about dehydration. If left untreated, dehydration can lead to hospitalization and many serious complications. Althoug…Read More

  5. How to Find the Right Sunscreen for Your Child Part 2

    Not all sunscreens provide the same amount of protection. Sunscreen is important, but some sunscreens are better than others. At Child's World Academy, our child care experts in Newtown know how important protecting your child from the sun is, and that's why, in our last blog, our day care center went over a few things to look for in your child's sunscreen. Keep reading to learn about more things …Read More

  6. Bringing Home a New Pet: Six Tips for Introducing Him to Your Young Children

    Whether it’s a tiny goldfish or a golden retriever puppy guaranteed to multiply in size and weight, your household dynamics are about to change. Your new pet will need to adjust to her new home, and your kids may have to do some adapting, too. Our six tips for introducing a new pet to your family will help to smooth the transition. 1. If you’re bringing home a dog or a cat, there’s no cage o…Read More

  7. Common Myths About Diabetes Debunked

    It's important to learn the truth about type 2 diabetes in children.  Type 2 diabetes in children is on the rise, and if you want to help your child manage or prevent it, it's important to learn the truth about it. Unfortunately, type 2 diabetes is very misunderstood, and there are many myths and misconceptions about it. Luckily, our child care experts in Newtown are here to set the record straig…Read More

  8. Best Spring Break Spots for Families

    Families should be able to enjoy spring break too! Spring break is almost upon us, and although most people think of college kids and parties when they think of spring break, it is a wonderful time for family vacations as well! When you want to bring your family closer together and share an adventure, there's no better option than a family vacation, but during spring break, it can be difficult to …Read More

  9. Finding a Babysitter for Valentine’s Day Part 2

    It's can be a challenge to find a babysitter for your kids on Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day is the one day that many parents go out on the town to celebrate their love, and it is also one of the most difficult days of the year to find a babysitter. That's why, in our Newtown day care's latest blog, we gave you a couple of helpful tips for finding a babysitter on Valentine's Day. Keep reading …Read More

  10. How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Winter

    With winter in full swing, it's not always easy to keep your kids entertained.  Spring, summer and even fall are great seasons for kids. The weather is generally nice enough during these seasons to go play outside anytime anyone mentions anything about being bored, but when it's cold, it can really limit your ability to keep your kids entertained and engaged. Luckily, our day care in Newtown is h…Read More