1. How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Winter Part 2

    Sick of hearing that your kids are bored this winter? If so, you're not alone. Many parents struggle to keep their kids entertained when the weather is too cold to go outside and play. However, entertaining your kids doesn't have to involve sitting them in front of the television or handing them a tablet. There are plenty of ways to keep your kids busy during the winter, and in our last blog, our …Read More

  2. Tips for Buying Safe Toys for Your Kids

    Before you do your holiday shopping this year, make sure that you buy yours kids safe toys! With the holidays right around the corner, many parents are looking for the perfect toys for their kids. There's nothing quite as fulfilling as seeing the joy on your child's face when you get them the perfect gift, but unfortunatley, not all gifts made for kids are actually safe for kids. Although safety s…Read More

  3. Fighting Halloween Candy Cavities

      Candy is a big part of Halloween! Candy may taste great, but it can lead to health issues, most notably, cavities. Although it's a great idea to limit your child's Halloween candy intake, you shouldn't completely deny them candy, as this will only make them want it more. There are many things you can do to prevent cavities after Halloween, and the child care experts at our day care in Peekskil…Read More

  4. Why it’s Okay to Disagree with Your Child

    Many parents are willing to do just about anything to avoid conflict with their child.  There are many reasons why some parents will go to great lengths to avoid conflict with their child: they don’t want to deal with a temper tantrum, they are cautious about setting hard limits that their child will be upset about, they feel responsible for keeping their child calm and so many more. Whatever …Read More

  5. More Safety Tips for Summer

    Summer is full of sun and excitement, but it does come with its own risks and dangers as well. That is why, in our Peekskill child care expert's latest blog, we went over a few safety tips for summer. To recap, we've already talked about coming up with an emergency plan, packing a bag full of the essentials and practicing sun safety. Keep reading to learn about the last few summer safety tips our…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Family Dinners

    Regardless of how busy your schedule is, family dinner should always be a priority.  When you have a busy schedule, it is all too easy to forget about family dinner and opt instead for take-out or fast food. While this may save you a few minutes of time, there are many benefits that your child (and your entire family) will miss out on. In our last blog, our child care center in Peekskill went ove…Read More

  7. How to Prevent Mosquito Bites for Your Child

    Mosquitoes are a big problem in the summer, especially for kids. Not only do mosquitoes cause itching and irritation, they are also known for carrying diseases, like West Nile. In our day care center's last blog, we told you how to treat your child's mosquito bites, but the best way to deal with mosquitoes is to avoid them in the first place! That is why our child care professionals in Peekskill h…Read More

  8. How to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

    When it comes to kids and screen time, there is a plethora of advice out there. Some say that you should allow young children no screen time at all while others will say that tablets and phones can be valuable learning devices that can help your kids to become familiar with all kinds of things. As a parent, you will have to figure out which advice you want to take, but the real answer is probably…Read More

  9. Why Your Child Whines and How to Deal With It

    Have you had a chance to check out our latest blog post yet? Our child care experts in Peekskill talked about why young children lie and the best way to deal with those lies. Lying is just one of the many common behavioral issues that happen at around three or four years old. Although many of these behaviors can be frustrating, there is nothing that will get a parent’s hackles up quite like whi…Read More

  10. March 2015 Newsletter – Peekskill

      News from Administration Welcome to March!  How does that old saying go? “In like a lion and out like a lamb.” It’s hard to believe that February is over and spring is on its way.   The children enjoyed the Valentine’s Day luncheon.  Thank you to all who brought things in! In February we all also learned about lights and shadows, Presidents, celebrated Chinese New Year and learn…Read More