1. Teaching Young Children About Consent

    Consent is a topic that is being widely covered in the media, as high profile celebrities and politicians are being accused of inappropriate behavior and violation. A large part of ending this type of behavior is teaching young children about the importance of consent and agency over one’s body. It’s not too young to teach your children some valuable lessons. Modeling consent is key. While som…Read More

  2. Five Strategies for Breaking Your Child’s Pacifier Habit

    Is your child starting to speak in full sentences, but needs to take the pacifier out of her mouth every time she wants to express herself? She may be getting a little too old for her pacifier habit! Try one of our five tips to weaning (or even just going cold turkey) her off the pacifier! Conjure a little magic. Have you ever heard of the pacifier fairy? She’s a lot like the tooth fairy, in tha…Read More

  3. Talking to Young Children About Loss

    The loss of a beloved family member or friend is devastating to even adults with a keen understanding of death and experience dealing with loss and grief. For a young child, death can be confusing, disorienting, and frightening. If your family has experienced a loss, you may be concerned about communicating about that loss with your child, so that she can begin to process and understand death as w…Read More