1. Halloween Activities for Your Entire Family

    Spending time with your family is incredibly important, and Halloween is the perfect time for family fun! Making time for family is important for every member of your brood. Not only does family time bring you closer as together, but it also helps to set your child up for success in school and in life. There's no better time of the year to spend time with your family than othe holidays, and Hallow…Read More

  2. Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    There's not always a lot of time in the morning, but there are plenty of quick, healthy breakfasts you can make for your kids. Have you had a chance to read our latest child care blog? If you have, then you already know about many reasons why breakfast is an essential meal for your child to eat every day. However, at our day care center in Monroe, we also know that not every parent has time to act…Read More

  3. Water Safety Tips for Summer

    With the hot weather, nothing is more satisfying than playing in the water with your kids, but it's important to keep safety in mind. Playing in the water on a hot, sunny day is one of the best things you can do to cool off, keep your kids entertained, get some energy out and pass the time. Unfortunately, playing in the water can also be incredibly dangerous, especially for young kids. In fact, dr…Read More

  4. The Importance of Consistency for Your Child

    When it comes to your child, the more consistent you are, the better. From the time that your child is a baby all the way up until their teens, consistency is incredibly important. Routines take some of the stress out of life for both you and your kids, and they help to prevent meltdowns and tantrums. Although consistency is important in all areas of your child's life, there are three main areas w…Read More

  5. How to Find the Right Sunscreen for Your Child

    Sunscreen is an important part of protecting your child from the sun. When your child is playing outside this summer, it's important to protect them from the sun by applying sunscreen. Sunscreen is an amazing thing, but you should know that not all sunscreens are made equal. At Child World Academy, our child care experts know just how important it is for parents to find the right sunscreen for the…Read More

  6. Bringing Home a New Pet: Six Tips for Introducing Him to Your Young Children

    Whether it’s a tiny goldfish or a golden retriever puppy guaranteed to multiply in size and weight, your household dynamics are about to change. Your new pet will need to adjust to her new home, and your kids may have to do some adapting, too. Our six tips for introducing a new pet to your family will help to smooth the transition. 1. If you’re bringing home a dog or a cat, there’s no cage o…Read More

  7. Tips for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Kids

    Does your child have a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes? More and more kids are starting to develop type 2 diabetes, and many researchers have attributed this to the rise in childhood obesity. If your child's body mass index (BMI) is above the 85th percentile, he or she has a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes. If you haven't already, check out our Monroe day care's latest blog to…Read More

  8. Tax Credits for Parents Part 2

    No one wants to have to pay more than necessary on their taxes! Taxes are something that we all have to deal with, but no one wants to have to pay more than necessary. Luckily, as a parent, there are many tax credits that are available to you, and in our last blog, our day care in Monroe went over a couple of them. Keep reading to learn about more important tax credits for parents: #3. Child Tax C…Read More

  9. Finding a Babysitter for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is the perfect time for a date night, but it can also be a hard time to find a babysitter.  Valentine's Day is a busy night for many people, and this may include the person who regularly watches your kids. If you don't want to spend your Valentine's dinner in a fast food play area, you'll be glad to know that there are many things that you can do to ensure that you'll have a babys…Read More

  10. Managing Your Child’s Holiday Expectations Part 2

    How do you deal with your child's unrealistic holiday expectations? During the holiday season, many kids focus in on the gifts they are about to receive, but this can lead to a "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie" attitude that many parents don't appreciate. That's why, in our previous post,  our child care experts in Monroe went over a few tips for managing your child's holiday expectations. Today, our day …Read More