1. The First Day of Daycare Approaches: What to Pack With Your Child

    If that first day of daycare is quickly approaching, you likely have a million questions running through your mind. How will the transition go? What should you be talking about with your child? And, of course, what will your little one need throughout the day when she is at a new place, without the surroundings of home? Two changes of clothes. You likely carry a change of clothes around with you i…Read More

  2. Eight Infant and Toddler Products You Don’t Need

    Whether you’re expecting your first baby, watching your infant grow into a toddler, or welcoming your second or third, you’re likely bombarded with marketing for a variety of products, many of which you may not even need. If you’re trying to cut down on clutter and are running low on storage space, take a peek at our ten items that you definitely don’t need as a parent of an infant or todd…Read More