1. Five Things To Do On a Snow Day

    Every winter, we can expect at least one major snowstorm to shut the town down and stay indoors where it’s warm and safe. While many people envision snow days that consist of pajamas, movies all day long, and hot cocoa by the fireplace, this doesn’t always pan out or last all day when you are living with toddlers and young children. So, what is there to do on a snow day to keep your child’s …Read More

  2. Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts that Your Child Can Help Create!

    As Thanksgiving Day approaches, you may be thinking a bit about decorating your home and providing an experience for your guests that is just a little more special than last year. Enlist your children’s help when they get home from their day at daycare or preschool. These pre-dinner activities can turn into gorgeous crafts that you’ll be proud to show off to your guests! Do you wind up with a …Read More

  3. Escape the Screen and Get Outside

    The summer season is a glimpse in the past, and we’re well into the autumnal season with childcare and school schedules to adhere to. The lackadaisical, wild and free activities around the beach and camping have concluded, but there are still many outdoor adventures to enjoy. Cooler weather can draw kids back indoors and into the ever-loving embrace of electronics, so help curb this habit and ad…Read More

  4. Three Ways Your Child Can Begin to Learn Math Skills

    Basic math skills may seem too abstract for toddlers or preschoolers to grasp, but you can actually help your little one to learn quite a bit about numbers, counting, geometry, and basic measurement by bringing these concepts down to earth. Making math accessible can be easy, as we use the simple components of mathematics in our everyday lives. Young children often learn by touching what is near …Read More

  5. What is the Mental Load and How Does it Affect Parents?

    Does this sound familiar? You put a load of laundry in the washer 20 minutes ago. Now you’re making dinner while struggling not to forget to put the laundry in the dryer the second the washer cycle is complete because you need to pack your child’s clean soccer uniform before bed tonight. As you chop vegetables, you make a note to remind yourself that you’re low on paper towels, you need to c…Read More

  6. Halloween Treats for All Kids

    Count yourself fortunate if your kiddo is in a daycare classroom where caregivers are still able to bring in treats! The current statistics found that life-threatening food allergies affect one in 13 US children; about two in every classroom. Keep in mind, 30 percent of children with a food allergy are generally allergic to more than one food. Food allergies are not the same as food intolerance's,…Read More

  7. Top Places To Find Clothing for Your Child That Defies Gender Stereotypes

    When you walk into your local big box store or clothing boutique for kids, what does it look like inside? Is there one section for boys, complete with t-shirts featuring trucks and monsters and messages about being “tough” or “naughty”? Is the girls’ section filled with ruffles and odes to princesses? While some kids love the clothing marketed to their gender, others might be interested …Read More

  8. Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

    Candy, costumes, class parties, spooky decorations, and pumpkin carving—Halloween is a fun-filled time of the year for kids (and adults) of all ages. Child’s World Academy loves to see children having fun in their Halloween costumes, but our number one priority has always been safety. To help parents ensure their child has a fun and safe Halloween at school, daycare, and trick-or-treating, we …Read More

  9. Talking to Young Children About Race: How to Get Started

    As you scroll through your Facebook feed, click through the Washington Post, or see passing headlines on CNN, you’re probably noticing that race is a looming topic in our country right now. Your children, as they get older, will become more curious about race and racism, and it’s important to let them know that they can come to you when they need to process their feelings about race. It’s im…Read More

  10. Five New School Year Resolutions for Your Young Child

    When you have a young child, a new year often means a new school year, and it doesn't ring in with champagne. It’s generally ushered in after saying goodbye to summer camp and thinking about settling into a new routine with an emphasis on learning and development. This school year, make a few resolutions with your child in order to get off to a great start. Find a new interest. Kids have ways of…Read More