1. Hitting, Pinching, and Biting: How to Handle Your Toddler’s Frustration

    The problem: Is your child an angel at home, but suddenly turns on the aggression at daycare, the playground, or at a playdate? That’s normally because, in social situations, he is more likely to have his will challenged, whether it’s because another child wants a turn on the slide, or because his favorite toy is whisked away by another pair of hands. The solution: If your toddler is old enoug…Read More

  2. 10 Easy-Prep Dinners the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

    Put the takeout menus away, because these simple dinners will get you through even the most hectic of evenings, and your children are sure to love them! Lasagna is always a family favorite. It’s a dish that adults and kids both love. Toiling over béchamel sauce and waiting on a hot oven, however, isn’t exactly weeknight friendly. This 30-minute stovetop version is what your family needs. Mak…Read More

  3. Safety Tips to Guarantee a Fun and Festive 4th of July!

    July 4th weekend is often packed with fun, family-friendly activities, like cookouts, picnics, beach and pool time, and, for a bold few, even backyard fireworks. Keeping your kids safe this summer is a top priority, and an incident-free holiday will allow you to make great memories for years to come. Grilling Safety Tips To prevent a fire, keep your grill away from low-hanging branches, bushes, or…Read More

  4. Modeling Positive Behavior: How Your Childcare Provider Can Show You The Way

    You may have noticed that your child’s first few words contained some familiar terms that you frequently say. When you put your sunglasses on, does your child demand to wear a pair of his own? Developmental psychologists have long been aware of the fact that children model their behavior after adult behavior. That gives you an opportunity to model behavior you’d like to see from your child. T…Read More

  5. March 2015 Newsletter – Monroe

    News from Administration Welcome to March!  How does that old saying go? “In like a lion and out like a lamb.” It’s hard to believe that February is over and spring is on its way.   The children enjoyed the Valentine’s Day luncheon.  Thank you to all who brought things in! In February we all also learned about lights and shadows, Presidents, celebrated Chinese New Year and learned all …Read More

  6. Combat Cabin Fever with These Five Fun Activities that Children Will Love

    Weekends can feel incredibly long when cold temperatures and icy weather keep your entire family indoors for 48 hours. While your children have been stimulated and learning all week at preschool or their childcare center, weekends can drag on a bit. How do you help your kids burn off energy and remain engaged when winter weather prevents them from running around the yard or heading to the beach or…Read More

  7. February 2015 Newsletter – Monroe

      News from Administration January was certainly a busy month!  We rang in the New Year with new sessions of Tumbletrain and Tiny Feet.  We enjoyed our Crazy Hat Day on January 15th and National Preschool Fitness Day on the 23rd!  It was fun for all!     The Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten classes went to Big Y for a field trip.  They enjoyed making pizza (and eating it…Read More

  8. The Importance of Teaching Music to Kids

    At Child's World Academy, we pride ourselves in providing an incredibly varied curriculum. We don't just teach our kids the typical subjects, like math and science, we also make it a point to develop their creative side through music and art. This early childhood education program can give your child a well-rounded educational base that they can build off of in their later years. Many parents want…Read More