1. Sensory Processing Disorder and How it Affects Young Children

    Your child may have friends at daycare or preschool who struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or you may know families who are going through the difficult process of ascertaining whether their child has SPD, and finding effective therapies for him or her. You may have even noticed symptoms of SPD in your own child, and have wondered if looking into SPD further might be helpful for your …Read More

  2. Early Speech Milestones: What to Look Out for As Your Child’s Communication Evolves

    Your infant, or young toddler, is gaining new skills every day, and many parents can become confused about what is typical in terms of communication and speech acquisition. Typically, children develop according to a general timeline, so if you notice your child is not meeting certain milestones, you may want to bring them up to your pediatrician. Not every concern is a sign of an impending speech …Read More

  3. Infant Skin Care: Five Common Issues and Solutions

    When you bring your infant home from the hospital, every little hiccup and spot may cause you to sound your internal alarm. Pediatricians receive a tremendous number of calls about rashes from parents of infants. This guide to some of the more common rashes may relieve your concerns.  We are Child's World Academy, a caring educational day care in Monroe, CT and Peekskill, NY. The issue:  Infant…Read More

  4. Infant Sign Language: Getting Started with the Basics

    When your baby is between six months and two years of age, it’s likely that her receptive language skills, meaning the amount she understands, is more advanced than her expressive language skills by a mile. This means that your little one has an understanding of the world around her, but cannot communicate her needs. This can lead to meltdowns and frustration. Luckily, teaching her a bit of sig…Read More