1. Engaging Your Child in Musical Learning with Simple Home Games!

    Children have such a capacity for music and dance, even at very young ages. Toddlers and preschoolers may begin to dance, sing, and develop musical preferences at this age. You can encourage your child’s love of music by playing some simple at-home games with them, which will make music even more fun and engaging. Enroll your child in our preschool program and daycare center in Monroe, or contin…Read More

  2. Can Playing a Musical Instrument be Beneficial to Your Child’s Development?

    The short answer is “yes”. Numerous studies have focused on the brain development, vocabulary, reasoning, general intelligence, and social and emotional development of young children who have played a musical instrument and the findings support musical training as a means to further cognitive, fine motor, and emotional growth. Brain Development Because the human brain can respond to the way in…Read More

  3. Five Signs that Your Young Child May be Musically Inclined

    Every child has a few special gifts that become apparent in their early years. Whether it be mental acuity, compassion, natural athleticism, or something else, realizing those talents at an early age can not only be incredibly exciting as a parent, it can also be beneficial to your child’s development. However, sometimes it can be difficult to identify these special gifts and determine what is d…Read More