1. Benefits of Taking Your Child to Daycare – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Child’s World Academy blog! If you’re just joining us, make sure to head back to part one of this blog series so that you can get a full scope of the benefits that your child will see by attending a daycare. If you’re all caught up, then you know that we will be covering some additional benefits of taking your child to daycare, let’s get started. Advancement For most pa…Read More

  2. March 2015 Newsletter – Peekskill

      News from Administration Welcome to March!  How does that old saying go? “In like a lion and out like a lamb.” It’s hard to believe that February is over and spring is on its way.   The children enjoyed the Valentine’s Day luncheon.  Thank you to all who brought things in! In February we all also learned about lights and shadows, Presidents, celebrated Chinese New Year and learn…Read More

  3. Give a Gift of Experience Rather Than Material This Holiday Season!

    At Child’s World Academy, we love seeing the ways in which new experiences can inspire, shape, and transform the children in our care. While fun and educational toys are an important part of any daycare setting, it’s the interactions, communication, and activities which truly reward your children. This holiday season, consider giving your children gifts of experience rather than toys to enrich…Read More

  4. Free Up Some Time for Holiday Shopping

    If you have ever tried to go to the store with your child, then you already know how much of a challenge it can be. When they aren’t crying for the balloons hanging near the register, they are sneaking toys into the cart, or hiding in a clothes rack. If you are looking for  a better way to handle your holiday shopping, then it may be time to look into our child care programs in New York. We are…Read More

  5. Five Ways that Your Children Can Learn to Give Back during the Holidays

    This time of year, we’re all reminded of what we have in abundance. Our holiday dinners grow more elaborate each year and our lists of gifts longer. It’s easy for young children to think of the holiday season as a time of fun, celebration, and bounty. But it’s also an important time of year to give back to the community in order to make sure that the joy and abundance spreads to those less f…Read More

  6. Why You Should Cook with Your Kids

    At Child’s World Academy, we are so excited about our new curriculum, which includes kitchen creations. This new addition is specifically for our preschool students and toddlers, and it is so much fun! Many parents have been wondering why we teach kitchen creations. There are so many benefits that come with teaching kids how to cook both in the classroom and at home. The following is a list …Read More

  7. Your Child’s Safety is Our First Priority

    Entrusting your child's care to a child care center can be incredibly difficult for parents everywhere. Not only are they leaving your care for the first time ever, but there are also horror stories all over the news about accidents and abusiveness at daycare centers. These stories are enough to make any parent want to hold their child tight and never let go, but you have to go to work, so what do…Read More

  8. Why Music is Important for Young Children

    If you had a chance to read our last blog, then you already know that teaching music to young children is very important. It teaches patience, helps them to do better in other areas of education, improves memory, and builds confidence, but that isn’t all that it can do! The following is a list of the rest of the reasons as to why we include music in our pre-kindergarten curriculum in Peekski…Read More

  9. The Importance of Teaching Music to Kids

    At Child's World Academy, we pride ourselves in providing an incredibly varied curriculum. We don't just teach our kids the typical subjects, like math and science, we also make it a point to develop their creative side through music and art. This early childhood education program can give your child a well-rounded educational base that they can build off of in their later years. Many parents want…Read More

  10. Welcome to Child’s World Academy

    Are you looking for a place that you can feel great about bringing your kids to? If so, then you will be glad that you found Child’s World Academy. We are a child care center, that is unlike any other center that you will find. Not only do we provide a safe environment where you child can play and make friends, but we also make it a point to provide your children with educational programs that w…Read More