1. Benefits to Cooking With Kids

    Cooking is a skill that we all need to know. It’s something that we use every day! While it may be the last thing that you want to think about, cooking a meal for your family could quickly become a lesson that your child learns from. Sure, learning to cook in itself is extremely beneficial for children to learn, but cooking happens to be loaded with endless educational lessons as well. If you’…Read More

  2. How Physical Activity is Helping Your Child’s Education

    Your little one is full of energy. While it may seem like a handful when you have to deal with it on your own, the team at Child’s World Academy is happy to help! We believe that physical activity is one of the many components that help children grow and develop, and there are plenty of studies to support this! In today’s blog, we’re going to touch on a few of the ways that physical activity…Read More

  3. Benefits of Taking Your Child to Daycare

    Being a parent is a tough job, and when you’re balancing it with additional children, work, physical activity and sanity, it can get all the more challenging. One of the solutions to freeing up some more time in your day is to have your child attend daycare. Aside from this being a fantastic way to get some more “you-time,” there are countless benefits that your child will see by attending. …Read More

  4. Teaching Kids How To Make Healthy Choices

    In a society that is full of options, it can become challenging to teach our children how to make smart choices—especially when it comes to food.   At Child’s World Academy, we strive to maintain a healthy and enriching child care center in Monroe where parents can entrust us with providing the best care for your child. If you’re looking for a child care center that brings strong family…Read More

  5. Spring Break Activities

    As our days get longer and the sun starts to peek through the winter clouds, it can only mean one thing—spring is coming! For those of you with children, that means that spring break is just around the corner. The staff at Child’s World Academy, Monroe’s Top Rated­® child care facility is looking forward to spending a week welcoming the change of seasons and the chance to spend as much tim…Read More

  6. 7 Ways to Prepare Your Household For Cold and Flu Season

    It’s January, and we are well into winter. Winter brings many great opportunities to make new memories with your children—sledding down a big hill, building snowmen in the yard, and cozy nights in with a cup of hot cocoa. But winter also has a bad side and brings us the unwelcome germs of cold and flu viruses. At Child’s World Academy, we take every necessary precaution to maintain a sterile…Read More

  7. Five Things To Do On a Snow Day

    Every winter, we can expect at least one major snowstorm to shut the town down and stay indoors where it’s warm and safe. While many people envision snow days that consist of pajamas, movies all day long, and hot cocoa by the fireplace, this doesn’t always pan out or last all day when you are living with toddlers and young children. So, what is there to do on a snow day to keep your child’s …Read More

  8. Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts that Your Child Can Help Create!

    As Thanksgiving Day approaches, you may be thinking a bit about decorating your home and providing an experience for your guests that is just a little more special than last year. Enlist your children’s help when they get home from their day at daycare or preschool. These pre-dinner activities can turn into gorgeous crafts that you’ll be proud to show off to your guests! Do you wind up with a …Read More

  9. Escape the Screen and Get Outside

    The summer season is a glimpse in the past, and we’re well into the autumnal season with childcare and school schedules to adhere to. The lackadaisical, wild and free activities around the beach and camping have concluded, but there are still many outdoor adventures to enjoy. Cooler weather can draw kids back indoors and into the ever-loving embrace of electronics, so help curb this habit and ad…Read More

  10. Three Ways Your Child Can Begin to Learn Math Skills

    Basic math skills may seem too abstract for toddlers or preschoolers to grasp, but you can actually help your little one to learn quite a bit about numbers, counting, geometry, and basic measurement by bringing these concepts down to earth. Making math accessible can be easy, as we use the simple components of mathematics in our everyday lives. Young children often learn by touching what is near …Read More