1. The First Day of Daycare Approaches: What to Pack With Your Child

    If that first day of daycare is quickly approaching, you likely have a million questions running through your mind. How will the transition go? What should you be talking about with your child? And, of course, what will your little one need throughout the day when she is at a new place, without the surroundings of home? Two changes of clothes. You likely carry a change of clothes around with you i…Read More

  2. Five Signs that Your Young Child May be Musically Inclined

    Every child has a few special gifts that become apparent in their early years. Whether it be mental acuity, compassion, natural athleticism, or something else, realizing those talents at an early age can not only be incredibly exciting as a parent, it can also be beneficial to your child’s development. However, sometimes it can be difficult to identify these special gifts and determine what is d…Read More

  3. Nurturing Your Child’s Interests at a Young Age

    Does your child have a keen, focused interest in one particular subject? Is he reciting his alphabet, writing his letters over and over, and trying to sound out words? Maybe your young child is particularly interested in movement and is learning gymnastics maneuvers or dance routines exceptionally quickly. Perhaps your math whiz has been counting his peas, and the number she can count is getting h…Read More

  4. How to Socialize Your Child in Preparation for Preschool

    If your toddler has been in the care of you, your extended family, or a nanny, and is entering center-based childcare for the first time as a preschooler, you may be apprehensive about the amount of socialization she has received in preparation for her upcoming days in the classroom. Many children enter preschool without previous experience at daycare, and there are ways for you to make sure your …Read More

  5. What to Do When Your Picky Eater Has You at Your Wit’s End

    Picky eaters come in all varieties. Some young children refuse anything green. Others stick to one or two favorite foods, turning up their nose at anything different. Still other kids pull a switch on their parents every so often, eating nothing but yogurt, fruit, and bagels for weeks, only to suddenly detest what they once gobbled down happily and demand an entirely new menu. Moms and dads may …Read More

  6. Helping Children to Learn to Give Thanks This Year

    Thanksgiving is sometimes a bit of a forgotten holiday. It lacks the silly costumes and bags of candy of Halloween, and brings none of the hype of Christmas or the beautiful lights and gifts of Hanukkah. But it’s an excellent day to focus on not just turkey and cranberry sauce, but gratitude as well. You can begin to foster a sense of gratitude in your children this month as Thanksgiving approac…Read More

  7. How to Cope When Sniffles, Coughs, and Fevers Run Through Your Household

    Parents are all too familiar with the warning signs. Your child comes home complaining of a cough. Your baby wakes up with his nose stuffed up, or your toddler tells you that he has a tummy ache. In those first few moments of a building illness, you envision the days to come: your entire family winds up on the couch or in bed, blowing their noses and running fevers, and you wind up so exhausted th…Read More

  8. How Young Children Learn to Help

    We want the young children we care for to grow into helpful kids, and kind and generous adults, and we know their parents do, too! As it turns out, helping behaviors can start at a very young age. Your daycare and preschool providers encourage these behaviors on a daily basis, and you can get your kids in the helping spirit at home, too! The journal Science published a study which suggests that …Read More

  9. Modeling Positive Behavior: How Your Childcare Provider Can Show You The Way

    You may have noticed that your child’s first few words contained some familiar terms that you frequently say. When you put your sunglasses on, does your child demand to wear a pair of his own? Developmental psychologists have long been aware of the fact that children model their behavior after adult behavior. That gives you an opportunity to model behavior you’d like to see from your child. T…Read More

  10. March 2015 Newsletter – Peekskill

      News from Administration Welcome to March!  How does that old saying go? “In like a lion and out like a lamb.” It’s hard to believe that February is over and spring is on its way.   The children enjoyed the Valentine’s Day luncheon.  Thank you to all who brought things in! In February we all also learned about lights and shadows, Presidents, celebrated Chinese New Year and learn…Read More