1. Engaging Your Child in Musical Learning with Simple Home Games!

    Children have such a capacity for music and dance, even at very young ages. Toddlers and preschoolers may begin to dance, sing, and develop musical preferences at this age. You can encourage your child’s love of music by playing some simple at-home games with them, which will make music even more fun and engaging. Enroll your child in our preschool program and daycare center in Monroe, or contin…Read More

  2. Helping Socially Anxious Children Make Friends at Daycare

    Many toddlers and preschoolers have a bit of trouble making friends at daycare. Even the most talkative, playful child at home can become a bit more reserved in a childcare setting. Children who are a bit socially anxious may avoid large groups of same age peers, may have trouble knowing how to converse with other kids, and may not always want to join in on the rambunctious fun their cohort is enj…Read More

  3. Cooking with Kids: How Young Children Can Participate in the Kitchen

    Cooking is an excellent way to get your kids involved in the everyday tasks that make your household function, teach them a bit about the food they eat at every meal, and pass on a valuable life skill. Children can even learn about math and science by measuring out ingredients the way they do frequently with their teachers at daycare and preschool. Get them hooked on cooking at home! From zero to…Read More