1. Weekends Too Busy? Five Strategies for Taming Them

    We like to call it “activity creep”. First, your son’s friends all sign up for gymnastics, so you sign up, too. Then, your daughter expresses an interest in language lessons, so you find time to fit them in. Then the birthday party invitations roll in. And the play date invitations. The next thing you know, your weekends are so tightly scheduled that you and your kids are left exhausted by M…Read More

  2. How to Cope When Parenting Becomes a Competition

    Every parent laments about the fact that parenting has become a kind of competition. From language lessons and private tutoring to musical and athletic achievement, the pressure is on. Parents even feel a certain amount of pressure related to their vacations, housekeeping, cooking, and weekend activities. Dial down the pressure with this food for thought. Priorities are Key. While sports trophies …Read More