1. The Best Podcasts for Young Children

    Podcasts are changing the way we all consume news and information, listen to stories, and engage with the world. Arguably, they offer some of the most innovative content today, and there are plenty of podcasts that cater to young children. At Child's World Academy, our daycare teachers love engaging children in these sorts of educational activities, and we have lots of go-to podcasts for kids. Her…Read More

  2. The Best of 2017: Five New Children’s Books We Recommend

    Childcare providers love the opportunity to present their students with new books each year.  This year there are several new favorites on our lists! Stories about friendship, love, surprise, suspense, and introspection are in store for you this year. Read on for our five favorites of 2017 so far. Antoinette. Set in France, this sweetly illustrated story about a puppy and her siblings will appeal…Read More