1. What is the Mental Load and How Does it Affect Parents?

    Does this sound familiar? You put a load of laundry in the washer 20 minutes ago. Now you’re making dinner while struggling not to forget to put the laundry in the dryer the second the washer cycle is complete because you need to pack your child’s clean soccer uniform before bed tonight. As you chop vegetables, you make a note to remind yourself that you’re low on paper towels, you need to c…Read More

  2. Coping with Pregnancy When You Have a Toddler

    Your first pregnancy was taxing, but at the end of the day, you put up your swollen feet, ordered takeout, and hung out with your partner without, say, a small child climbing up your exhausted body. This time around, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Pregnancy is tiring. Keeping up with a toddler is tiring. Attempting both at the same time is no easy feat! Here at Child's World Academy, we …Read More

  3. How Meditation Helps Children Relax and Focus

    Adults with busy jobs and a difficult balance between family and other responsibilities often manage their stress by practicing meditation or yoga. The efficacy of both is well known, and meditation has become a way of life for overextended adults. But what about children who have a difficult time relaxing, focusing, and dealing with daily stresses?  If you are looking for a day care that cares …Read More

  4. Tough Conversations: Explaining Mental Illness to a Young Child

    The diagnosis of a family member with a mental illness can cause stress in your child’s life. If this family member is acting differently or is less present than usual, this can raise a lot of questions.  If your child himself has been diagnosed with a mental illness, he will need some basic information about mental health. Here are a few strategies for discussing mental illness with very young…Read More