sad children parents arguingWhen parents divorce, speaking with children can be one of the most frightening and stressful experiences of the divorce process. After you and your partner have assessed your difficulties and made a decision, one of the most delicate issues still must be faced. Toddler and preschoolers need a sense of security, reassurance, and an idea of what to expect as their lives change.  If you are looking for a caring and educational day care for your children, call Child’s World Academy.

Keep your conversation simple, and repeat your words frequently during this transition. Children of toddler and preschool age will not be able to understand the subtle nuances of the divorce proceedings. What will be important to them will be the changes they will experience in their own day-to-day lives.

Put a lid on any tensions. Whether you and your partner are splitting amicably, or are at odds, young children can sense when anger and sadness permeate a room. Reassure your children that you both love them, and that you are both working together, even as circumstances change. Any disagreements you may have need to happen out of sight and earshot of your children.

Be very clear about how the divorce will affect your children and their daily lives. What is the new schedule? Where will they sleep in your home and your partner’s home? Who will pick them up from daycare or preschool? Repetition is key here. Your child needs reassurance right now and wants to know what to expect, so repeat the new arrangements frequently, and remind your child of what will be happening on each given day. If you are not using a family calendar, this might a good time to introduce one.

Keep your routines regular. Does your child have a particular bedtime routine? Make sure that routine continues regardless of where your little one is sleeping. The same goes for morning routines, nap time, and house rules.couple going through divorce

Speak with your childcare center. Let your center know what is going on, sharing details including new living arrangements, and pick-up and drop-off schedules. This will help your daycare to understand any new behaviors that come up at school, and will allow the teachers to keep both parents apprised of changes and issues that occur during the day.

In addition, of course, make sure you and your partner are getting support from friends, family, and a therapist if necessary. If you are feeling more positive about the changes occurring in your life, it will be easier to communicate that positivity to your child.

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