children sweeping up messChores help kids to build confidence and a sense of responsibility during the stages of early childhood development. If you have a younger child, it can be difficult to think of chores that they can actually accomplish without your constant intervention. At Child’s World Academy, our daycare teachers believe it is important to give young children chores that are easy to handle yet give them a sense of accomplishment and purpose. If you are looking for ideas to have your little one help out around the house, the following 10 chores should be a hit, as they are easily achievable by your young child!

  1. Pick up the family’s dirty clothes and place them in the right hamper. This is a simple task with little risk of an additional mess created.
  2. Pick up toys, books and games. Yes, it’s much faster for you to pick up after your child, but they need to learn that they are responsible for the messes they create.
  3. Dust the baseboards, the cold air returns, surfaces, and picture frames. This is a satisfying task that kids tend to enjoy, as they fit in all the nooks and crannies of your house.
  4. Feed the pets. Children love to feel that they’re taking care of others, and having them feed your family’s cat or dog can be very satisfying for them.
  5. Shake out the welcome mat, small area rugs, or car floor mats. Kids love this type of activity, and your child may even continue shaking long after any visible dust is gone!
  6. Vacuum! Especially if you have a handheld vacuum with a crevice attachment, this chore will keep your child busy as they tackle every corner.
  7. Clean up under the table after dinner. 99% of the mess on your dining floor after dinner was created by your child, so it only makes sense that they should clean it!
  8. little girl helping mom with laundryWipe down the fronts of cabinets and appliances. This is another simple task that has little chance of running awry.
  9. If your washer and dryer are side by side, moving clothes from one to the other is an easy task for younger kids.
  10. Get your children outside and have them do some yard work. They can pull weeds with supervision so that they don’t accidentally pull out any of your perennials. They can also rake and water the garden.

How have you motivated your kids to complete their chores? Let us know in the comments section below! And, if you’re looking for the best child care center in Monroe, please don’t hesitate to contact Child’s World Academy to schedule a tour.