Leaf Craft As Thanksgiving Day approaches, you may be thinking a bit about decorating your home and providing an experience for your guests that is just a little more special than last year. Enlist your children’s help when they get home from their day at daycare or preschool. These pre-dinner activities can turn into gorgeous crafts that you’ll be proud to show off to your guests!

Do you wind up with a refrigerator full of leftovers after every Thanksgiving? Clean out the fridge a bit by sending your guests home with hand-decorated takeout containers! Purchase white to-go cups with lids and have a little finger-paint in brown, orange, and yellow on hand. Your kids can help you to make tiny turkeys made with their fingerprints on the lid for each container, and your guests will have an adorable takeaway from Thanksgiving dinner!

Your children can also help you with a beautiful centerpiece for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Ask them to pick out a medium-sized pumpkin. You can carve off the top, and your kids can help to scoop out the insides. Then choose an array of flowers from the florist or from your backyard, and fill the pumpkin with a multi-colored bouquet.

Get your kids outside to forage for treasures this fall. Look for the prettiest leaves you can find on the ground, in vibrant colors or interesting shapes. Once you’ve brought them inside, you can frame them, using inexpensive frames from Ikea or Target. This craft is incredibly simple, but it allows your kids to feel as if they’ve truly participated.  It gets them outside and brings a bit of nature back indoors! You can give them as gifts to Thanksgiving dinner guests, or place them on the serving table in your home for a bit of décor.

Remember to take some of your child’s artwork home from her childcare center this time of year, too! A bit of colorful art done by your child can be a great way to make your home look festive and familial on this cozy, comforting holiday.