Regardless of how busy your schedule is, family dinner should always be a priority. 

When you have a busy schedule, it is all too easy to forget about family dinner and opt instead for take-out or fast food. While this may save you a few minutes of time, there are many benefits that your child (and your entire family) will miss out on. In our last blog, our child care center in Peekskill went over a couple of exciting benefits that come with family dinners, so if you haven’t already, check it out! Keep reading to learn about more reasons to make time for family dinners:

#3. It introduces your kids to new foods. 

When you rely on the same few restaurants to feed your kids every week, it doesn’t allow much room for experimentation. Making dinner often means trying new things, which encourages your child to eat healthy, new foods that they may not have otherwise tried. Kids who eat homemade dinners with their families tend to be much more open to trying new foods than kids who don’t.

#4. It gives you more control over portions. 

While eating out may be fast and convenient, it also promotes overeating. The average meal from a restaurant has as many as 60% more calories than a meal made at home, and the portions just keep getting bigger and bigger. In the fight against childhood obesity, nothing can make a bigger difference than taking the time to prepare and eat dinner as a family.

There are just a few more benefits of eating as a family that we would like to go over with you. Stay tuned for our day care center’s next blog to learn more!