Young girl reading booksChildcare providers love the opportunity to present their students with new books each year.  This year there are several new favorites on our lists! Stories about friendship, love, surprise, suspense, and introspection are in store for you this year. Read on for our five favorites of 2017 so far.

Antoinette. Set in France, this sweetly illustrated story about a puppy and her siblings will appeal to any child feeling a bit overwhelmed by the talents and achievements of her siblings. Antoinette is searching for the quality that makes her special, and the book allows kids to embark on this journey with her.

XO, OX: A Love Story. This nuanced tale of a sweet ox and his love for a sharp-tongued gazelle has a great deal to say about the persistence of romantic love, and the ways in which love can manifest itself. Plus, it tells a story of the importance of correspondence and letter writing, which many parents are eager to pass on to their little ones.

Egg. This book is a great gift idea for springtime.  With its bright pastels it’s also a nice addition to an Easter basket, for families who celebrate Easter. Full of suspense and an element of surprise, Kevin Henkes yet again captivates young children. The beautiful illustrations are what we’ve come to expect from this bestselling author’s books.

mom reading to her toddler

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? Friendship can be a challenge. What happens when bad feelings arise, a fight strikes, or a rift occurs? This story about enduring friendship extols the value of forgiveness, respect, and tending to one’s relationships.

A Busy Day for Birds. This book is a crowd-pleaser. Flap your arms. Bounce up and down. Make silly bird sounds. This story is full of goofy phrasing and ways for you and your child to express yourselves dramatically. Children may ask for it again and again!

What are your new favorite kids’ books for younger children? Let us know in the comments section.