When it comes to your child, the more consistent you are, the better.

From the time that your child is a baby all the way up until their teens, consistency is incredibly important. Routines take some of the stress out of life for both you and your kids, and they help to prevent meltdowns and tantrums. Although consistency is important in all areas of your child’s life, there are three main areas where it is absolutely essential:


If your child attends our day care center in Monroe, talk to our child care givers to learn the mealtime schedule. Try to stay consistent with this schedule when you are at home. Establishing a regular schedule for mealtimes will ensure that your child gets at least three square meals a day, and it could help to cut down on sugary snacks.


Sleep schedules are important for people of all ages! When your child goes to bed and wakes up at the same times every day and night, it will help them to sleep better and it may help to minimize the nightly battles to get them to go to bed.


If you are not consistent with your child’s discipline, it will only confuse them. Staying consistent will help your child to learn the rules and stick to them! It can be difficult to stay consistent with discipline when you have multiple care givers, but it’s important to try. Make sure that all babysitters stick to the same rules that you’ve put into place, and be sure to let our day care center know any special rules you may have.