Whether you yourself are an avid reader, reading to your kids aloud at home is an important bonding experience, skill-building tool, and provides good practice for your children’s future reading endeavors. Your childcare provider reads to your child regularly, and reinforcing that behavior at home allows reading to take a special place in your child’s heart and mind.

father reading to daughterLearning to Love Reading

Reading to children provides them with an experience that allows them to bond with you, feel a sense of engagement and comfort, and even provokes excitement and laughter. This helps children to see books as valuable and worthwhile, and they’ll carry that with them for a lifetime.

Become a Reading Role Model

When your child sees you or their favorite daycare teacher reading excitedly to them, acting out the voices of the characters, and dramatically bringing books to their conclusions, it excites them to see their role models become excited by reading.

A Child’s Vocabulary Grows With Every Word They Read

As you and your childcare providers read out loud to your child, the more words they’ll learn. Hearing words read out loud in your voice will encourage them to mimic your speech, learn the meaning of words, and acquire and use words on their own.

Reading Promotes Conversationmom reading to children

What does a caterpillar eat? Does it really become a butterfly? Does the moon stay in the sky while I sleep? Can it hear me when I say goodnight? Every book you read gives you and your child the chance to start a new conversation. Even the silliest of conversations support the development of language skills, social skills, and critical thinking skills.

Reading Teaches About the World

Reading aloud to your child transports them. They learn about the jungle, the sea, the city, and even outer space. Books give children the sense that there are environments, and even time periods, other than their own, which opens up their imaginations and lets them become receptive to new experiences.

What are some of your child’s favorite books? Are there any books that they read at daycare or preschool that you’ve purchased to read at home? Share your family’s top picks in our comments section!