At Child’s World Academy, we pride ourselves in providing an incredibly varied curriculum. We don’t just teach our kids the typical subjects, like math and science, we also make it a point to develop their creative side through music and art. This early childhood education program can give your child a well-rounded educational base that they can build off of in their later years. Many parents want to know why we include music. The following is a list of some of the top reasons as to why teaching music to children is so important:

  • Memory- Learning music stimulates different parts of the brain than other subjects, which can help kids to develop a stronger memory. Not only will this help your child to remember where they put their tennis shoes, but a great memory is something they can benefit from throughout all of their educational career and their life.
  • Brain power- Music can help kids to perform better in other subjects. Studies have shown that kids who learn music at an early age, tend be more advancedĀ in math, reading, and even emotional development.
  • Confidence- Just as performing well at a sport or creating an art project can build confidence, so can learning music. This increased confidence can benefit them in every aspect of their life!
  • Patience- Music isn’t something that kids can learn overnight, it takes lots of practice, time, and patience to master it. It can be difficult to teach patience to young children, but music can help!

Learn more about the benefits of music for young children when you stay tuned for our next blog.