Halloween is a night filled with treats, playful tricks, festive costumes, and lots of chocolate!  However since most activities, especially trick or treating, take place after nightfall, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind.  

Skip the Masks

Masks are as hard to see out of as they are uncomfortable which makes it more likely your child will trip or fall down as they move from house to house.  Instead, consider opting for face paint that won’t obscure your child’s vision. 

Stock up on Glow Sticks and Reflective Stickers

The most dangerous part of trick or treating is walking around in the dark, especially when it comes to young children who might wander into the road or excitedly run into the street, failing to look both ways before stepping off the curb. While it’s obviously important to keep a close watch on the kids in your care, you can also make them more visible to drivers. Most kids love glow sticks and one thrown into their candy bucket acts as it’s own little lantern. You can even make an activity out of decorating their shoes with reflective stickers to ensure if they do end up in the road, they will be easy to spot. 

Avoid Running Across Unfamiliar Lawns

Before you head out for your share of Snickers bars and Twizzlers, talk to your kids about sticking to walkways and sidewalks instead of slipping across the grass where holes and other hazards might be lurking the shadows. Nothing ends a night of fun faster than a rolled ankle and broken arm. 

Keep a Head Count

With so many children in costumes it’s easy to lose track of someone, especially if you are meeting up with friends or family who also have kids. Put someone in charge of making sure you’ve got your pirate, your police officer, your unicorn, and your firefighter stick together.