Math is one of those things that we all love to complain about, but we all have to learn. Math doesn’t have to a drag! In our last blog, our day care center in Fairfield went over a few ways to help you make math fun for your child. To recap, we talked about learning math through games, activity books and even math apps on your tablet! Our child care professionals have come up with a few more tips that will help you make math fun for your child:

  • Work puzzles – Puzzles are a great activity that you and your child can do together, and working puzzles from a young age helps to set the stage for educational success later on in life. Although puzzles might not have a direct correlation to math, it teaches your child about spacing and shape, which experts say is a predictor for success in both math and science.
  • Play time – There are many ways that you can incorporate math into playtime. Practice counting things when you are out on the playground or playing with toys. You can also practice simple addition and subtraction while you are baking, cooking or even at meal times!
  • Videos – You can find math videos all over the place! Every show from Sesame Street to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has had episodes focused around math. Who knew that watching TV could actually be educational?

Teaching your child about math doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth! Make it fun, and your child will actually want to learn more!