Reading is one of the many skills that we introduce to students here at Child’s World Academy in Monroe. Even as times have changed and education has evolved, reading remains a skill that everyone needs to develop. Aside from being a crucial skill, there are countless benefits to reading that your child will enjoy if they are passionate about reading.

Whether you’re a family that loves to read or you simply want to instill this passion in your child early on, raising a reader can be difficult in today’s world. With the number of screens and toys that most children are exposed to, it’s not too surprising that many children struggle to enjoy sitting still with a good book. So, what do you do? 

In today’s blog, the team at Child’s World Academy will go over a few tips to help you raise your child as a reader. Let’s dive in.

Reading is one of the many things that we work on here at Child’s World Academy. Check out today’s blog for a few of the things that you can do to raise your child as a reader.

Read at Home

A key factor in raising a reader is helping your child develop a passion for the time they spend lost in a story. If your child is only being exposed to reading while at school, chances are they’re going to associate it as an activity that is solely for school or is considered homework. To break that stigma, we suggest reading with them at home. Whether this is in the form of a book before a nap and bedtime or it’s simply something that happens on the weekends, reading at home can introduce this as a pastime they can enjoy.

Read Regularly

While reading definitely makes an incredible pastime and enjoyable activity, it’s also a skill that we use on a regular basis. Can you imagine running an errand and not being able to read while doing so? From the names of stores and streets to the items on your grocery list and signs in the store, reading is something that we are constantly having to do. With that being said, pointing this out to your child and asking them to read while you’re in the car or in the store can challenge them to use the skills they’re developing in a more conventional sense. 

Find a School That Encourages It

Every school that you look at is going to say that they encourage children to read, but it’s always good to look at their curriculum and how they plan on introducing your child to the beauty of books. The way that they learn about reading will greatly affect their feelings about books, so it’s certainly something worth looking into. 

Here at Child’s World Academy, we understand the importance of reading and it’s countless benefits. If you’re in the process of looking for a daycare that prioritizes early childhood education and the crucial lessons your child needs early on, look no further than Child’s World Academy in Monroe. Our years of experience and progressive curriculum provide your child with a unique and exciting way to learn the skills and subjects that they’ll need for the rest of their lives. Contact our office today to schedule a tour of our school or with any questions that you have.