Is your child a sore winner or loser?

Do you find it difficult to play games with your child because, no matter if they win or lose, they don’t do so gracefully? Teaching your child how to be a good sport can be incredibly difficult, and many adults still struggle with this concept. Life is full of wins and losses, and the better your child is able to cope, the better they will be able to handle all of the ups and downs of life. That is why our day care center in Fairfield has come up these tips for teaching your child how to be a good sport:

#1. Don’t make winning the end goal. 

We all love to win, but winning isn’t the reason why we play sports or games, we play them to have fun! If you make winning the ultimate goal, your child is likely to be sorely disappointed time and time again. Instead, make the goal personal improvement and fun.

#2. Don’t compare your children to each other or anyone else. 

Comparisons are something that your child will have to deal with outside of your home throughout their life, there’s no reason for you to put even more stress on them with your own comparisons. Rather than comparing your child to others, celebrate their own victories and accomplishments, and use failures as a learning opportunity.

Want to learn about more tips for teaching your child how to be a good sport? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.