Candy, costumes, class parties, spooky decorations, and pumpkin carving—Halloween is a fun-filled time of the year for kids (and adults) of all ages. Child’s World Academy loves to see children having fun in their Halloween costumes, but our number one priority has always been safety. To help parents ensure their child has a fun and safe Halloween at school, daycare, and trick-or-treating, we have prepared a few quick tips for parents.


  1. Choose costumes with safety in mind. A costume that is oversized or loose can cause falls. Avoid shoes that are difficult for your child to walk in. Halloween is full of exciting events at school, and your child will likely be running around and on their feet for the majority of the day.
  2. Avoid all black- or dark-colored costumes, as dark costumes make it more difficult to see while trick-or-treating. If your child insists on dressing up as Batman and you cannot talk him out of it, simply attach reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape to their clothing.
  3. Masks make it difficult to breathe and see through. Instead, put your creative techniques to the test and apply a non-toxic makeup or face paint.
  4. Some costume material can be extremely flammable. Make sure only to buy flame-retardant costumes. If a wig is necessary, monitor your child to make sure they steer clear of open flames and candles.
  5. Props are fun, but they are often misused. For the child who demands to dress up as a ninja or a cowboy, fake weapons typically accompany their costumes. Be sure to shop for flexible, soft, and non-authentic looking props. Most schools and childcare centers have a strict policy against Halloween props for this very reason, so it may be best to avoid purchasing them altogether.


  1. Trick-or-treating hours usually begin as early 5:30 and can trickle into the 9 o’clock hour. For younger children, start earlier and plan for a reasonable amount of time. Older kids tend to start at later hours and can get rowdy which could cause an overwhelming atmosphere for young ones.
  2. Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Plan a route and organize a group of parents and their children to join you to make trick-or-treating more fun!
  3. Make sure the homes you are stopping by are well lit and familiar. If you are trick-or-treating in a neighborhood other than your own, escort your child to the door before they ring the doorbell.
  4. As you would normally practice looking out for vehicles, be extra cautious of the ones that are backing out of driveways. Only walk along the sidewalks and carry a flashlight, so it’s easier for drivers to see trick-or-treaters. Avoid walking in between parked vehicles and only cross the street at intersections.
  5. Many public schools, businesses, child care centers, and churches throughout the community will host trick-or-treat streets indoors. Children can collect candy, participate in games, and explore the fun and spooky Halloween displays in a safe environment.


  1. Inspect every piece of candy before you let your child dive right in. Look for punctures, holes, tears, and any sign of damage to the candy wrappers.
  2. Avoid homemade candies.
  3. Remove hard candy pieces that could be a choking hazard to small children.
  4. Control how much candy your child gets each night. An accessible bag of candy will be far too tempting for kids to go through quickly.

As a Top Rated Local® child care facility in Peekskill, NY, and Monroe, CT, our staff is excited to celebrate another Halloween with the children at Child’s World Academy. Your child’s safety and security is always our priority, especially during special events. We never stray from our curriculum and continue to help your child grow from our early childhood program to the learners in pre-kindergarten.

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