What Happens at Daycare All Day? How to Reinforce Your Child’s Progress at Home

Your childcare providers watch your child absorb a multitude of lessons throughout each day, and expand skill sets week after week. Children make friends as they learn to play, share, and relate to their peers. As a parent, it’s important to keep yourself informed of how your child’s world is expanding everyday at daycare and preschool. Your ability to reinforce new skills and help navigate new social terrain, at home, is the perfect complement to a healthy childcare experience.

parent child looking at atlasIs your child learning about the alphabet at school right now? Maybe he’s more focused on numbers. Or perhaps his teachers are showing him world maps and are helping him to learn where he lives and just how big his world is. It’s so important to stay on top of what your child is learning in his classroom.  You can help him to retain the information he’s learning, and can even grow his enthusiasm, by talking to him at home about his lessons. Something as simple as reading books about the alphabet or showing him a map of his town will help those lessons stick.

Of course, socialization is a large part of your child’s day at school as well. Remember to ask her questions about the other kids at school, and who she is enjoying playing with. As many kids enter preschool, they may begin to form friendships with the children around them. If your child develops a healthy friendship with a close friend at this age, learn her friend’s name and consider having a playdate for them. You may also leteacher with studentsarn that your child continues to add new friends to her growing circle. But be on the lookout for any signs that she is having trouble, socially. Does she complain that no one plays with her at school, or that she feels she has no friends? Does her close friend suddenly become a challenge for her? Talk with her about her feelings, and discuss the problems she’s having with her teachers.  You and her childcare providers can help her to feel better about herself and her ability to make friends, and nudge her in the direction of kids who will include her in their activities and boost her self esteem.

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your child and between you and his teachers, so that you can spot any potential challenges in any area, or even spot some triumphs, as well! If your child is having trouble sitting still or focusing at school, knowledge of that fact allows you to talk with his pediatrician and come up with solutions. If your child is exceling at athletics or numbers, you can consider enrolling him in activities that will support his developing skills!

Daily conversations with your child and regular check-ins with teachers are both key to understanding what your child is experiencing in her daycare or preschool classroom. As a parent, knowing what your child is up to at school allows you to nurture talents and interests, and address any challenges that may arise.