Many parents are willing to do just about anything to avoid conflict with their child. 

There are many reasons why some parents will go to great lengths to avoid conflict with their child: they don’t want to deal with a temper tantrum, they are cautious about setting hard limits that their child will be upset about, they feel responsible for keeping their child calm and so many more. Whatever the reason, it is important to know that disagreements are a natural and healthy part of life. The following is a list from our day care center in Peekskill of a few of the many reasons why it’s okay to disagree with your child:

It prepares them for conflict later in life.

We wish we could assure you that your child’s life will be smooth and conflict-free, but life simply isn’t that way. Teaching your child how to cope with conflict and disagreements now will prepare them for life’s biggest challenges later on.

It teaches them respect for themselves and for others.

Disagreements help children to understand that they aren’t always right, which will help them develop respect for their parents, teachers, etc. It also gives them an opportunity to defend their own reasons, which teaches them to respect themselves.

It is freeing for both parents and kids!

When you do everything you possibly can to avoid conflict, it can feel like you are permanently walking on eggshells. When you make disagreements a normal part of life, it is incredibly freeing. Disagreements are also freeing for children because they teach them that it’s good to express their opinions and that they don’t have to agree with everything they are told.

Now that you know why it’s okay to disagree with your child, stay tuned for our next blog to learn how to make disagreements both comfortable and safe for you and your child.