At Child’s World Academy, we are so excited about our new curriculum, which includes kitchen creations. This new addition is specifically for our preschool students and toddlers, and it is so much fun! Many parents have been wondering why we teach kitchen creations. There are so many benefits that come with teaching kids how to cook both in the classroom and at home. The following is a list of the top 5 of those benefits:

  1. Reading and comprehension- Reading is one of those things that is much easier to teach when your child can understand the tangible, real-world  need for it, and cooking is an excellent way to teach that need. Your child will not only need to understand what the recipe says, but also what it means, which will help them with their comprehension skills.
  2. Following directions- This is a skill that even some adults still need to learn, and a great place to learn it is in the kitchen. In order to cook, a child needs to understand not only how to read directions, but also how to follow them accurately.
  3. Math skills- Math is a huge part of cooking. The kitchen is a great place to teach your child about counting, geometry, and fractions, plus it is so much fun. Your child will be learning about math, and they will have fun doing it!
  4. Makes kids more willing to taste new things- Having trouble getting your picky eater to try new things? When your child helps you to cook a dish, they are usually much more willing to at least taste it!
  5. Builds confidence- Just as teaching music to kids builds confidence, teaching them to cook does too! They will be so proud when they can say, “I made that myself!” to all of their friends and family!