With so much going on, it is all too easy to push family dinner aside.

Life is busy, and when you are constantly on the move, it makes it difficult to spend the time to make dinner and eat it with your family. Although it may be faster and easier to order take-out or grab a bite on the go, if you don’t eat regular family dinners, your child could be missing out on so many benefits! There are many great reasons to make time for family dinner, and our child care experts in Newtown, CT have come up with this list to help you understand just how important family dinners are:

#1. Eating at home promotes a healthy diet. 

Childhood diabetes and obesity have been growing at alarming rates in our country, and our busy schedules may be partly to blame. Children who attend regular family dinners eat vegetables and fruits more often and fried foods and soda less often. They also eat higher amounts of key nutrients, including iron, calcium and fiber.

#2. Family dinners foster close relationships.

Family dinner is the perfect time of the day to catch up and have a conversation with your family. Family dinners bring families closer together! To bond even more over the dinner table, exclude all distractions, like computers, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

These are just a couple of the many benefits that come from taking the time to eat dinner as a family. Want to learn about more ways that family dinners can benefit your child? If so, stay tuned for our next blog!