Do you feel like your child behaves for everyone but you? This is an incredibly common and frustrating occurrence. In our last blog, our child care experts in Monroe talked about a couple of reasons as to why your child is behaving better for other people. To recap, we talked about how they are more comfortable with you and about how a little bit or responsibility can really help. The following is list of the last few reasons as to why your child may have behavioral issues at home but not at daycare:

  • Lack of structure – In general, most children like to know what to expect. Many outbursts and tantrums happen as a result of unexpected wrenches in the plan. At school, your child has a similar schedule to stick to every day, but it isn’t always that simple at home. Try coming up with a schedule at the beginning of each day, and do your best to stick with it.
  • They feel like they aren’t being heard – Children, just like everybody else, need to be heard. If your child has an unheard need or want, they will only start shouting louder. Even if you can’t give them the thing that they want, listen to them! Not only will this make your children feel like they are being heard, but it will also help you to build a stronger child/parent relationship!
  • The after school meltdown – If your child tends to have a meltdown right after you pick them up, know that this is normal and you aren’t alone. Your child has kept their emotions in check all day long, and now they finally feel comfortable enough to release them a bit. Talk with your child about expressing their emotions in a more positive way, but keep in mind that outbursts and meltdowns are temporary!