Have you had a chance to check out our latest blog post yet? Our child care experts in Peekskill talked about why young children lie and the best way to deal with those lies. Lying is just one of the many common behavioral issues that happen at around three or four years old. Although many of these behaviors can be frustrating, there is nothing that will get a parent’s hackles up quite like whining.

Before you can understand how to deal with whining, you need to understand why your child whines in the first place. Whining is how small children express their discontent. Children often find that whining is an incredibly effective way to get your attention. So, whether your child is bored, hungry, upset or sleepy, they will start whining, because it gets them results!

Although whining has a way of making many parents want to pull their hair out, it is important to stay calm and keep your cool. Many parents try to ignore their kids when they whine, but keep in mind that whining is an indicator of some kind of distress or problem. If your child is whining because they are hungry and you ignore them, it will only make it worse! A better alternative is to tell them that you cannot understand what they need when they whine. Ask them to tell you again in a nicer voice, and then praise them when they ask for things without whining.

If you have any questions or concerns about whining and how to deal with it, please feel free to contact our Peekskill daycare center right away! We are always happy to help.